Welcome to the Crystal Maze Database!

This site covers the 2017 revival of the Crystal Maze, collecting statistics on the games and performance of players so that you can accurately quantify how hard to shout at your television. It was inspired by the Crystal Maze site by Marc Gerrish and his meticulous recordkeeping.

2017-06-23S1E1: Stand Up To Cancer 172017-06-234758914541
2017-06-30S1E2: Stand Up To Cancer 272017-06-30610311411721
2017-07-07S1E3: Stand Up To Cancer 372017-07-0758010525712
2017-07-13S1E4: Stand Up To Cancer 472017-07-1327317097523
2017-08-25S2E1: The Watson Family72017-08-255518938631
2017-09-01S2E2: The Air Cadets72017-09-01444528541
2017-09-08S2E3: The Martial Arts Team72017-09-086529644721
2017-09-15S2E4: The Cosplay Team72017-09-152294718442
2017-09-22S2E5: The Cheerleaders72017-09-22423307541
2017-09-29S2E6: Well Read and Underfed72017-09-2971091817273
2017-10-06S2E7: The Footballers72017-10-06655661164
2017-10-13S2E8: The Pizza Hut Team72017-10-133193617451
2017-12-14S2E9: These People Are Here72017-12-1481351632882
2018-04-15S3E1: The Hauxwell Family72018-04-150000343
2018-04-22S3E2: The Jazzy Jury72018-04-224516615541
2018-04-29S3E3: Love It72018-04-293398041451
2018-05-06S3E4: Black Ice72018-05-06650742464
2018-06-08S4E1: Celebrities 182018-06-08552833155
2018-06-15S4E2: Celebrities 282018-06-152231442